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How to send pictures to the website

To have your artwork uploaded to our website, you will need to send the following information to David Poulton

Your name

The title of the picture (maximum of 6 words)

The medium

The height and width of the picture in centimetres only

Is the picture framed or unframed

Please state the cost in pounds


If it is "Not For Sale"


Please do not include unnecessary full stops, hyphens, or commas.

Also, please do not embed the image(s) in a Word document. Send it at least 300dpi (dots per inch) as a separate file. Your works of art should not be sent with a reduced file size, as this would result in a loss of picture quality. Sending a large file size is okay. Please send your image(s) to David Poulton and he will upload them to the website. Just click on his name to attach the file.

Example below:

P Barrett

Blue Vase

Oil on canvas




If you are unable to do this, contact David or any other member of the LAS Committee and ask for help.

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