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Artists Copyright

Protection is automatic whenever a work of art is created. The artwork can be marked with your name, the year of creation and the copyright symbol. (©).


Whether the artwork is marked or not doesn’t affect the level of protection. Copyright exists for 70 years after the death of the creator/author.


Members must permit their artwork or any other publicity material to be used on the website. They could request payment - any amount - for the use of any image. Restrictions could be applied, eg, where and how the image can be used.

Copyright can be infringed even if:

1. credit is given to the copyright holder;

2. one refrains from monetising the infringing content;

3. one notes that similar content appears elsewhere in the public sphere;

4. one has purchased or copied the content oneself;

5. one states that "no copyright infringement is intended."


Sales: it was agreed that sales would be the artist's responsibility. A commission of 10% of the sale price would be payable to the Society, if the artwork is sold through the website. 

Originality in art.

1). Any artwork submitted for exhibition and sale should be the artists own work. Artwork produced as a Class exercise should not be submitted.

2). Any artwork submitted which is a direct copy of the work of another artist should contain a

clear, unambiguous acknowledgement of that fact. Failure to do so, especially if the work is for sale, would be a breach of copyright.

3). Any artwork which references in any major way, eg.colour, style, subject matter, layout etc. the work of another artist should contain a clear, unambiguous acknowledgement of that fact, especially if it is for sale.

4). Any artwork which “...... is in the style of ......” another artist, ie.references in some minor or identifiable way the work of the artist even though it is substantially different from the original source material, should be appropriately referenced.

5). Any artwork substantially based on a photographic original that was not taken by or owned by the artist should acknowledge the source.

6). Any artwork substantially based on “royalty-free images” are acceptable. The essence of originality should be the creative imagination and depiction of an image by the individual artist. Everyone is influenced in one way or another by the past; the question is the extent to which that influence is manifest in the art produced. There are no definitive criteria by which that question can be answered. Honesty by the individual artist combined with the

judgement of Solomon is required.

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