Exhibition Entry Form

Llanelli Art Society. Cymdeithas Gelf Llanelli. Summer Exhibition; ..............

Athenaeum Hall, Llanelli Library : ............................

Important dates.


Submission of entry forms and payments accepted.  

                                      Monday,                  Entries received after the deadline of 5.00pm on Monday,                                                                        will not be accepted.

Paintings to be submitted.    Monday,                  Submission between 11.00am & 2.00pm only.

                                                                     Large paintings to be submitted as early as possible.

Exhibition opening.            Saturday,                   Official opening at 11.00am.

Exhibition closing.              Friday,                      Official closure at 3.00pm.

Paintings to be collected.    Saturday,                   Collection between 10.00am & Noon only.


Exhibition Theme.
The theme for one category in the exhibition is ..................

Members may submit paintings for both the themed and general exhibition.
Paintings in both the themed and general categories of the exhibition will be judged separately by the adjudicator and separate prizes and commendations will be awarded for each category.

Exhibition rules.

The main points in summary are:-

1)  A member may exhibit a maximum of three original paintings either in the themed or general categories

     of the exhibition or split between the two categories.

2)  The Hanging Fee is £3.00 per exhibit if the painting is “For sale” or £5.00 per exhibit if “Not for sale”

3)  All exhibits must be labelled and prepared for hanging as detailed in the Exhibition Rules.

4)  Members exhibiting are expected to steward the exhibition.

5)  Failure to comply with the Exhibition Rules may result in the rejection of the painting(s).


Disclaimer - Every possible care will be taken of the artworks submitted but Llanelli Art Society cannot hold itself responsible for damage to, or loss of any artwork. Neither Llanelli Art Society nor the Library can take responsibility for any artwork left behind after the deadline of 12.00 noon on the specified Collection day.

Note - Assistance with the assembly and disassembly of the exhibition is required.
If you have some spare time on either or both Monday, .......... and Saturday, ............... please contact: .............

Please contact Paul Barrett to request a printed copy of this form.

If you wish to enter either the General or the Themed Exhibition please press the button below.