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Exhibition Entry Form

Llanelli Art Society. Cymdeithas Gelf Llanelli.

Athenaeum Hall, Llanelli Library: 12th - 25th August 

Important dates.


Submission of entry forms.   Monday, 24th July       Entries received after the deadline of 5.00 pm will not be                                                                          accepted.

Paintings to be submitted     Tuesday, 8th August     Submission between 11.00am & 2.00pm only.

& exhibition entry fees paid                                 Large paintings to be submitted as early as possible.


Exhibition opening.            Saturday, 12th August  Official opening at 11.00am.


Exhibition closing.              Friday, 25th August     Official closure at 3.00pm.


Paintings to be collected.    Saturday, 26th August  Collection between 10.00am & Noon only.

Please note that the paintings are to be submitted on Tuesday 8th August

Exhibition rules.

The main points in summary are:-

1)  A member may exhibit a maximum of three original artworks. A shortage of hanging space may result in      large artworks being excluded. Information regarding Copyright is available on the “Gallery” page of        the society website.

2)  The Hanging Fee per artwork is £3.00 if the artwork is “For sale” or £5.00 if “Not for sale.” The entry        fee is payable - cash or cheque - upon submission and acceptance of the paintings on the "handing-in-        day" Tuesday, 8th August.

3)  All exhibits must be labelled and prepared for hanging, as detailed below. Artworks submitted for the          exhibition will be inspected before acceptance. Any which fails to meet the hanging criteria detailed          below may be rejected.

4)  Members exhibiting are expected to steward the exhibition. A rota will be prepared on the handing-in        day when you will be asked to commit to a 3-hour stewarding session.

5)  Failure to comply with the Exhibition Rules may result in the rejection of the artwork(s). The Exhibition            Rules are detailed on the Art Society website. A copy can be obtained from the Membership Secretary        via the Contact / Membership webpage or by mail as detailed on the Exhibition Entry Form.

Labelling and hanging instructions.
Each artwork, whether in landscape or portrait format, must have picture screws or D rings ATTACHED TO AND POSITIONED 1/3 OF THE WAY DOWN THE FRAME, NOT THE BACKING BOARD, along with a strong hanging cord. This will ensure that the artwork is displayed correctly.


* Name and telephone number of the artist;

* Title of the artwork;
* Medium;
* Price or “Not for sale.”


Disclaimer - Every possible care will be taken of the artworks submitted, but Llanelli Art Society cannot hold itself responsible for damage to or loss of any artwork. Neither Llanelli Art Society nor the Library can take responsibility for any artwork left behind after the deadline of 12.00 noon on the specified Collection day.

Note - If you have some spare time on either day, your assistance with the exhibition's assembly and/or disassembly would be appreciated. Please contact a member of the Committee.

Please contact Paul Barrett to request a printed copy of this form.

If you wish to enter then please press the button below.

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