Exhibition Rules

Llanelli Art Society - Exhibition Rules.

General instructions.

Members exhibiting must be fully paid-up members of the Society.

Submissions that contravene any of these instructions may not be accepted.

Members unable to submit their artworks to or collect them from the exhibition should make alternative arrangements. These alternative arrangements - full contact details - should be included on your Entry Form.

Members, especially if exhibiting, are required to steward for at least one session during the duration of the exhibition in order to maintain the safety of the public and the security of the exhibits. Records of the members stewarding at exhibitions will be maintained and reviewed.

The Paintings.

A member may exhibit a maximum of three original paintings in the general exhibition.

Only one entry is allowed if the painting is larger than 75cm x 90cm including the frame. Hanging space for large paintings can be limited and they should be delivered as soon as possible on the handing-in day.

Paintings are to be listed in order of your preference. In the event of over subscription or the submission of too many large paintings, the third entry on your form may be excluded.

Once a painting / exhibit has been catalogued the price cannot be changed. The artwork should remain on display for the duration of the exhibition.


The Society can exclude paintings / exhibits from the exhibition if :
* the painting / exhibit is discriminatory on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation;
* there is insufficient space to display the painting / exhibit;
* the painting / exhibit has been included in a previous exhibition of the Society;

* the painting / exhibit is a copy of another work of art;
* the painting / exhibit is offensive on the grounds of public taste or morality.

Decisions on exclusion will be in accordance with Section 6 of the Constitution of the Llanelli Art Society.


The Hanging Fee is £3.00 per exhibit if the painting is “For sale” or £5.00 per exhibit if “Not for sale”

A commission of 40% on all the artwork sold will be paid to Carmarthenshire County Council. Llanelli Art Society will subsidise the commission paid; members will only pay 20% on their sale price.


The following information must be shown on the back of each exhibit, an adhesive label will suffice :

* Name, address, and telephone number of the artist;

* Title of the artwork;
* Medium;
* Price or “Not for sale”

Each painting must also have a label, complete with all the details specified above on a long string attached to the hanging cord.

Hanging instructions.

Each painting, whether in landscape or portrait format, must have picture screws or D rings attached to the frame along with a strong hanging cord. The screws / D-rings should be fixed 1/3 of the way down the frame. This will ensure that the artwork is displayed correctly.

Paintings submitted for the exhibition will be inspected prior to acceptance. Any which fail to meet the hanging criteria detailed above will be rejected.

5th August 2021.